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We adore dogs and believe that feeding them well is the best way to show our love. So we created Ollie: fresh meals made from real ingredients, formulated by a vet-nutritionist, and tailored to your dog’s individual needs. Learn more about us at myollie.com and feel free to get in touch with us at caninecare@myollie.com.

Total Score

4.6 / 5

Karen US



My dogs enjoyed Ollie the first day and a half then afterwards wouldn’t touch it. Even my little one who’ll eat anything turned up her nose. The other girl literally quit eating for 2 days she hated it so much. I emailed requesting the order be cancelled and based on a couple reviews I hope that happens and I’m not billed for any more. Had to throw out the uneaten food tonight and go back to the old. Good thing I still had some. Very disappointed.

Laura US


VERY picky eater

I bought myOllie’s because my dog Khalesi is a VERY picky eater and I was hoping she would like their dog food. Unfortunately, she doesn’t really care for it unless I feed it to her with a spoon. I have some to my other two dogs eat it like it’s the best thing they have ever had so I know the issue is with Khalesi and not myOllie’s dog food. MyOllie’s has a very good dog food so give it a try. I just have a very picky eater lol.

Ashley US


I love Ollie

I love Ollie! The product is high quality, the service is phenomenal and quick and my dog loves it!

Anita US


Augie loves Ollie

Great food, great service, reliable delivery. It’s the only food my 100 pound German Shepherd Dog is willing to eat. He loves it.

Brenda US


Not for all dogs

Not for all dogs. Mine quit eating after first week. He left the probiotics in dish even if I broke it up.

Pamela US


So far, so good!

So far, so good! My little dog Riley cleans his bowl!

Shelly US


Dogs love it!

Dogs love it!

Rebecca US


Extremely satisfied

Extremely satisfied. Food and packaging is excellent.

Patricia US


Delivery has been better lately.

Delivery has been better lately.

Kathy US


The quality of the food is outstanding!

The quality of the food is outstanding! Both my dogs love it!

Judith US


My pup loves his food

My pup loves his food. His sensitive stomach is no longer an issue.

Ron US


Great food

Great food! Because it is a bit pricey, i use it as a blend, 50/50. But he eats this down in record time! Great convenience in the packaging, as well as a container to put it in.

Lori US


My Little Lucy loves this food.

My Little Lucy loves this food.

Michelle US


Lots of waste in packaging & shipping

There is a large amount of waste that comes with each shipment and that concerns me. Other mail order pet food services have a lot less waste, and one has biodegeadable insulation.

Cheryl US


My Lilly is a picky eater

My Lilly is a picky eater. She takes her time. When she decides she wants it, she will clean her bowL!!!

Monica US


My dog gets bored easily so it has been…

My dog gets bored easily so it has been difficult for her. But I am also unhappy about how difficult it is to change delivery date and/or extend the date. Last month, I got an email from you to let me know the food was going out for delivery. I went online to i) set delivery for a later date and ii) change up the flavors. The website told me it was too late to extend because it had already gone out, but when I went to change flavors for next delivery it allowed me to change the flavors for the current delivery. So, if I was able to change the order, why would I not be able to change the date, it had obviously not been shipped out yet.

Ann US


My dog loves the food

My dog loves the food and looks forward to every meal! Customer service gets back pretty quickly if I ever have an issue. Thanks for making healthy delicious meals for my dog!

Kathryn US


My dog has never licked her bowl before…

My dog has never licked her bowl before now she always does it

Peter US


More water in the food

With the new packaging came wetter food. Am I paying for more water? 👎👎Company seems to be concerned with everything but consistancy of their product.

Nancy US


i have NEVER been so very well treated…

i have NEVER been so very well treated by EVERYONE at ollie.they understand how important our dog is to us and take great care to make sure each of my concerns are taken care of swiftly and least but not last their food is top of the line



My experience with Ollie has been…awesome

My experience with Ollie has been wonderful. My newfies puppies absolutely love it and I enjoy that the packaging is more compact ans easy to manipulate. Being so compact, I don’t tend to see as much of the great vegetables it contains yet totally pleased

Jennifer US


Puppy Love

I love there new packaging. My dogs go crazy for there food.

Chris US


Best of the best

Ollie changed my dogs lives. From allergies, to their coat

Melissa US


Puppy loves it and her incessant…

Puppy loves it and her incessant itching has seemed to stop since switching.

Debby US


My dogs love it and lick their bowls…

My dogs love it and lick their bowls for 5 minutes after it’s gone!

Jessica US


I love this dog food

I love this dog food. I’ve always felt guilty giving my dog dry food, knowing it didn’t provide the moisture and other requirements for my dog. I used to make my own dog food but I had a hard time finding the right ingredients that met my dog’s dietary needs. When I found out about Ollie, it was the best way I could supplement my dogs diet to his kibble, without braking the bank. My dog seems happier and healthier this way.

Rose US


My dogs love this good

My dogs love this good. They can’t get enough of it.

Gwen US


Food -beef

Food -beef . Wanted to try chicken for a change but did not make the change in time . Coco likes

Kay US


Shipments are received promptly

Shipments are received promptly. My two papillons love the food.

Margaret US


My dog enjoys the food

My dog enjoys the food. I wish I could order more but it’s expensive so we supplement with other dog food.

Robert US


My pets love Ollie

Love the service provided and my pugs love the food

Marilyn US


Petula loves her Ollie

Petula loves her Ollie. She kicks her bowl every time. She is healthy, and active. Thank you Ollie.

Linda US


Tootsie gets it morning & evening &…Tootsie lives it

Tootsie gets it morning & evening & eats it right up .

Angela US


The best version of meal delivery!

Unsatisfied with other meal delivery services, I had started making my own food. But Ollie had what others didn’t offer—taste they love, truly healthy, well balanced recipes and really smart, convenient packaging. The price makes me unsure as to whether we can keep using the service long term but hopefully as more people join, prices in the future can be reduced.

Lynne US


Our dog loves her Ollie! 💚🍁💚

Our dog loves her Ollie, and she’s healthy and happy. Excellent customer service always. Thank you!

John US


So glad I found Ollie

So glad I found Ollie! My dogs love the food and it’s super convenient!