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3.7 / 5

Sandra US


I have a 12 1/2 year old German…

I have a 12 1/2 year old German Shepherd. I gave her what I thought was the last product to help her. Her right back leg was getting twisted and so hard to get up off the floor. Couldn’t go up stairs anymore so we made it comfy downstairs for her. After searching and searching I saw Pet Lab popping up on my news feed so I said let me give them a try! Why not right?? She has done so much better in only 1 month. Her quality of life got a lot better. Now she’s NOT running up and down the stairs but she’s soooo much better then she was on other products. But this before it’s too late! I wish I had gotten this product before she got to this point. I couldn’t imagine if once I noticed her problem how she would be now. ❤️ If you’re reading my post and thinking hmmmm....just order it! What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing but a happier dog and she loves the taste of the chews. Thank you again Pet Lab! 🥰

customer US


I have been trying to cancel my…

I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 2 months! This product did not work. Can you please cancel

Judy US


Itch Chews

Mia has been using Itch Chews for a month now. I noticed less licking within 2 weeks. She however has developed an infection due to scratching before the Itch tabs starting to help. In addition to 1 Itch tab daily she has an antibiotic she has to take for a week. I am continuing the Itch tab as a maintenance. Pet Lab employees have gone above and beyond my expectations when I have dealt with them.

Lynne US


Need RMA for return

The Dental Formula worked great for mine! Cancelled my act due to loss of job but will be back soon hopefully! Called back after getting another bottle and TRACY helped me cancel, explained may be outside service I cancelled the first time with;They didn’t make any note of my call but she took care of it and was very nice and helpful!!

Andrea US


Love Clear Eyes

I got Clear Eyes for my 4-yr old Maltese to try to reduce the build up on his face. Although he wouldn’t eat the chew, I broke it up and sprinkled it on his food. The change has been amazing. No more black build up on his face. I am thrilled and would highly recommend this product.

Pam US


Product did not work

Product did not work. Took me 3 times to check out. Still couldn’t get it. When I looked at my bank statement, I was charged 3 times. Took almost a month to receive it. I have tried to get my money back with no success. To this day, still have not received a refund or where to return it. Very disappointed.

Jennifer US


Friendly and fast service

Friendly and fast service. Always helpful and have the products I need



Poorest customer service ever!!!!

It took forever to get you to change my address, I have never received my free jar after completing your rating, which I was told I would receive. You still owe 2 pre-ordered jars that I was charged for but never received. If it weren’t for the fact your product works so well, I would never do business with you and advise others not to either.

Sue US


My two Standard Poodles love their…

My two Standard Poodles love their products.

Angela US


Dental Formula

A few months ago I started using the Dental Formula water additive in my dog’s water. I had been having my dog’s teeth cleaned twice each year - starting at about age 3. He’s 5. I don’t like him being exposed to anesthesia, but his teeth just get very dark with build up quickly - more than what is normal. I’d tried various water additives and they didn’t work. I always meant to brush his teeth regularly, but he doesn’t really like it and I forgot a lot of the time. I had his teeth cleaned about 2-3 months ago and started using the dental formula. His teeth show no signs of turning brown - they aren’t bright white, but in the past - they would already have brown on them by this time. I hope they get whiter. He doesn’t seem to notice a taste to the water from the Dental Formula and drinks the water without hesitating.

Diane US




Linda US


We’re using the dental additive and I’m…

We’re using the dental additive and I’m amazed at the results. Their breath has improved too. So easy to use and having great results. Can’t wait to see the vet. They wanted $600 per dog for a cleaning. Glad I found you gus❤️❤️❤️

Patricia US


Pet Lab Itch Tablets Amazing

My dog Annie always scratches at this time of year. The vet can offer no treatment so l bought the Pet Lab Itch tablets. 3 days and the itching has stopped. Very impressed with this product and with Pet Lab.

Karen US


Bought the itch relief for my two dogs

Bought the itch relief for my two dogs. This medicine has not done anything for them. Their skin is still flaky and itchy. I was really hoping these pills would have helped them but has done nothing. Total waste of money!

Joseph US


No product and horrible service

Never received my shipment, then when I attempted to ask why they said insufficient address though they read it back to me. And the only reason I received multiple calls was because I wrote reviews on how horrible the customer service was on multiple websites.



90 lbs German Shepherd

My 90 lbs German Shepherd had the typical hip issues. After about the second week I started noticing a difference and now nearly a year in I doubt he will ever not take them!

Renee US


My fur babies love the itching chews…

My fur babies love the itching chews but not sure if it’s helping! Need to do more than 1 month to evaluate!

Kristi US


Kooper back in action!

Kooper, our 12 year old was slowing down. Unable to jump up on the couch or run around and play with his sister. We decided to try your Joint Chews as a last resort. Within 6 weeks he was jumping on the couch (after a year and a half), wrestling with his sister and running around the yard. We’re grateful to have our happy boy back !❤️

Courtney US


First they sent the wrong product

First they sent the wrong product, then I had to mail back that wrong delivery, then the correct product didn’t work.