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ChiDog is a different kind of fresh food. Not only is it prepared with fresh human grade meats, fresh veggies and whole grains, but it’s made to nourish each dog’s personal Element. Based on Eastern Medicine philosophies, ChiDog’s founders are practicing veterinarians who have seen the positive benefits that personalized Food Therapy can have on our cherished four-legged family members.

Total Score

4.8 / 5

Beverly US


I am so glad I found Chi Dog and Dr. Bohrer!

The food is great and clean and my dogs are already doing so well with it, after just two weeks! But the best part, was being able to talk to Dr. Bohrer about my two Bichons, their issues. I felt like she was truly concerned, and wanting to make the best choice for their food. I was at my wits end with issues my one was having. He is Water and my other one is Fire. They are both acting better and playing more. I am so relieved that I found, after much searching, the Chi Dog food😊

Wendy US


Miss Bentley Loves It

My sweet Bentley no longer picks at her food. She reminds me when mealtime is now! Great product. No digestive issues.

Marilyn US


Chi Dog has been a game changer

Chi Dog has been a game changer for my soon to be 14 year old Labrador Retriever. Her birthday is May 18th. She had become very picky and almost stopped eating her food. I took her in to see her vet to learn she had a UTI. We started on Chi Dog about 3 weeks ago and my what a difference it has made. My Bailey has so much more energy and feels so much better. We love Chi Dog.

Jennifer US



Superb service and our dog, Zen, love his food!

Janet US


Website was a little difficult

Website was a little difficult. All I wanted was place my second order and not have automatic shipment click in. It was not real clear as to how to do this. I just ordered again like I was a new customer. I wanted to explain that I have 4 dogs and I’m testing the food to see if we want to continue.

Melissa US


The Chi Dog meals are so fantastic

The Chi Dog meals are so fantastic! My lab was wasting away not eating for days and the Chi Dog meal was the miracle that brought her back to life.

Kathryn US


Love it!!!

Our dog Blaze absolutely loves this food!! He can’t seem to get enough of it. He has been eating this for about a month now, our only regret is that we did not find about this sooner. He is 13 years old and was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. Our vet Dr Selmer has been treating him holistically with much success. He recommended Chi Dog as part of the treatment plan. Our only concern is that Blaze continues to have a decent quality of life. We are absolutely thrilled with the results. Moving forward we can’t imagine feeding our pets anything else. Kathryn

Andrea US


Dogs love the food

Dogs love the food. No more bad breath in little guy. Easy to store and prepare.