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Valisure is the first and only pharmacy where all medications are batch-certified and come with a certificate of analysis. Why? 80% of drug ingredients are made in India or China and there are roughly 3 drug recalls a day in the United States. Valisure performs a chemical analysis on each batch of medication, and only ships from batches that have passed a rigorous process.

Total Score

4.9 / 5

Joanne US


I am relieved to know that my…

I am relieved to know that my prescriptions are tested for toxins before they are sent out after taking Valsartan/ HCTZ for years and was recalled because they contained potential cancer causing impurities.

Joan US


Reassuring Service

I value the personal attention and the assurance that my medications are safe.

Catherine US


Valisure is the best pharmacy

Valisure is the best pharmacy! Why wouldn’t you want all your medications checked since most of our meds are outsourced to other countries such as China and India. This a safety issue for you and your love ones. We are blessed that we have this pharmacy only lab. that checks your meds for active and inactive ingredients and checks for cancer agents. They will send a paper telling you what is in the meds you get and they are safe to take. Highly recommend this pharmacy and the staff.

Paul US


Great customer service

Great customer service. Much more comfortable knowing by medicines are tested.



I am glad Valisure is so concerned…

I am glad Valisure is so concerned about the quality of my medicines

Andrea US


Excellent customer services.

Excellent customer services.

Bradley US


Great service!

Quick and easy enrollment process, processing of prescriptions, and friendly phone support. And even though Valisure is not yet working with my medical insurance, the out of pocket cost for my medications was only a few dollars more than it would have been if I had used my insurance for a participating pharmacy. Great company!

John US


Medicare Provider Q asked, and partially-answered

Asked Q re: particular Medicare Part D Provider coverage for Valisure. Received answer, but did not anwer Q directly.

Robert US


Very pleased with the professional care!

Very pleased with the professional care and guidance I received from the pharmacist! Feel safe now taking a medication that has been tested for purity. What a relief! Thank you Valisure!

Elizabeth US


New customer but service is quick

New customer but service is quick, friendly and now I KNOW my meds are free of unwanted junk! Referred here by my Osteopath.

Michael US


Excellent customer service combined…

Excellent customer service combined with tested products I can rely on.

Naomi US


Great Service

Very knowledgeable, friendly staff! Package was received in a very timely manner.

Gail US


Courteous customer service

Courteous customer service. And I feel confident that I’m not getting any substance other than what is supposed to be in it. Love the spectrometry lab concept

William US


Best prices for Glaucoma drops I have…

Best prices for Glaucoma drops I have found

Rachel US


Feeling much safer now. Thank you!!

Thank you so much for being so careful and so thorough with my meds. I feel much safer since switching to Valisure.

Marc US


Peace of Mind

Once the account is set up and your prescriptions are entered into the system it works like a charm. With all the uncertainty around the supply chain, this is a great solution.

Julie US


Always attention to detail and customer…

Always attention to detail and customer service.

Karen US


Love this company

I have been very pleased with the customer service at Valisure. They call to check when they have a question about anything. They are always available to answer questions. Of course the best thing about them is that they provide a invaluable service to me when generics can’t be trusted, by assuring me that what I receive is safe and correct medication.

Patricia US


I’m reassured knowing my meds are not…

I’m reassured knowing my meds are not laden with cancer causing ingredients. I also like the fact that I can get the same brand consistently. Everyone at Valisure has been very helpful.