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For years, Quictent has walk into thousands of families along with happiness.

Total Score

4.4 / 5

Amy US


Love my greenhouse!

Love my greenhouse!! Just as expected and very roomy!

William US


delivered on time and product has…

delivered on time and product has worked beyond my expectations. thanks will buy from again

James US


not bad product and good customer service

pretty easy to put together if u do it with 2 people. worked well to start....but living in Los Angeles I didnt have to deal with wind til around 2 months in. first sign of rough wind and all the bungee ties broke off. I hit customer service about it though and they sent new ties quickly so im happy about that. im gonna hold off on attaching them for a few months tho when the weather gets better haha

Frank US


My daughter bought me the 3*6 ft

My daughter bought me the 3*6 ft. small greenhouse for my birthday a year and a half ago. I used it all last winter, but the center fitting broke, and Lan sent me a new one this year free!

Kathy US


I purchased an 8x8 tent canopy with 4…

I purchased an 8x8 tent canopy with 4 sides and we are very happy with the quality of the product. Recently I had contact with the customer service department and was delighted at the excellent customer service! It was amazing! They went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. Such a great experience. Thank you Quictent for a good product and professional customer service that actually cares about helping the customer.

Dennis US


Great experience

Great experience. Once I contacted Quictent, quick response sent out the correct product extremely fast. I cannot be more pleased.

Nancy US


I ordered the 10x20 greenhouse and had…

I ordered the 10x20 greenhouse and had a problem with my cover not fitting right I contacted customer service through email and received a response the next morning after sending in a few photos they send a new cover and also a connector that was misshapen. I am so pleased with this company they really want the customer to be happy.

customer US


I have a 10x10 tent and had one of the…

I have a 10x10 tent and had one of the scissor arms break in two, I reached out to Quictent US and had a response next day from Green. Green asked a couple of questions sent me a parts list and diagram and a few days later my new part came in the mail. During this time there were several update emails sent by Green with Mail tracking info and such and a final follow up email to ensure I had received the part. This was an excellent experience from a top notch customer service rep. Thanks again Green for helping me out!

Megan US


Green was an awesome customer service…

Green was an awesome customer service representative. He helped me to get a piece for the tent that was broke quickly so we could use the tent on vacation.

Ron US


Very satisfied

I used my 10x20 Quictent for the first time over a week-long period. During that time it withstood wind gusting up to 40mph and heavy rain. I was extremely happy with it. Further, I few of the bungee cords that shipped with it came frayed so I contacted Quictent to find out where I could purchase extras of the same size. Rather than have me purchase extras, they quickly sent me additional bungee cords at no additional cost.

Mary US


Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. They went above and beyond in getting me just the right part I needed.

Timothy US


My tent arrived in not so perfect…

My tent arrived in not so perfect condition. After contacting the company, sending a few pictures, they move very quickly to correct the issue.

Joanne US


Canopy Average for cost

Canopy arrived quickly and was as described. A bit disappointed that the first time I opened the flaps, for screen window, the cord broke. Also, found that if you get caught in the rain, everywhere the Velcro is sewn to canopy top leaks. Overall, it’s a fair product for the price and I might consider buying again.

Steve US


Bad Customer Service

Customer Service is absolutely horrible. I do not know about anyone else but I do not like being lied to, I caught customer service lying in emails just to make a sale with no self-accountability. I have also asked several times now for the contact of a company manager with no response.