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Create business directories, classifieds, catalogs and any type of review site with our Joomla component and WordPress plugin. We offer best-in-class software and support.

Total Score

5.0 / 5

Daniel US


Great Directory and Review system

Have been using extension for about two months and is doing everything that I need it to do. Produces a great looking directory site. Technical support is great and they get back very quickly with detailed responses. Video tours are dated, but provide the basic details that you need to set up the directory. The documentation is extensive, but it can be a challenge to weed through to find what you need. Extension is on the high cost side when you get all the modules that you need, but you get what you pay for.

David US


Simply wow! - Making custom listings/reviews is a breeze

Setting up listings, and reviews were a breeze. The iReviews theme also help speed up my site launch I am not a developer, and I found it very easy to have the site completed in a week for a proof of concept. It has been accepted, and now in trial with more subscribers. With wordpress as the engine, other plug-ins were installed where needed, eg registration, profile, login. The plug-in also has a built-in debugger, in case as a developer, you want to tweak the interface, or troubleshoot queries. I tried it, and the log is easy readable, intuitive. The support is out of this world - any questions are answered within minutes if submitted during working hours.

Charles US


JReview is a beautiful product...

JReview is a beautiful product with many possibilities we have been using this for many years now, we have started on Joomla and nowadays on WordPress because of this we had to migrate JReview a number of times, the support during the migration was very fast and good!

Mike US


top-notch joomla component

we use jReviews on joomla since 2010 and we like it since the first day. it takes time to discover the full potential of jreviews but with the outstanding support it is possible to build up cool, solid and individual functions for your own use.

Adam US


Unbelievably powerful software!

Unbelievably powerful software!

Dana US


great Support

great Support, quick and professional. thank you.

Steven US


Only excellent things to say about…

Only excellent things to say about Jreviews and Alejandro (Lead Developer). I have worked with him and JReviews for more than 10 years. Quality code and even better support. If you are looking for a Review plugin to add to your WordPress or Joomla website, this is the best choice. I have used their code on more than 10 site and it always gave me the features and functionality I was looking for. Hope this helps! -- Steven

Tom US


JReviews is a great Component

Great product and excellent support. I have been using JReviews for years and have always received excellent customer service. It is a complex product but their is excellent documentation that explains how everything works.

Peter US


Excellent product

While the component is excellent, the after sales technical service is fantastic . Alendro is always helpful, fast and extremely competent. If you are looking to make a city guide website you shouldn’t not seek another solution

Santiago US


One of the best components for Joomla

One of the best components for Joomla. It allows a great variety of configurations has an excellent functionality, it can be adapted to any project. A very good documentation and excellent support make it a very powerful tool. It is money well spent.

Melanie US


Superb component and one of the best…

Superb component and one of the best support experiences across the Joomla component world. Always innovating. In my 9 years of using it I have never been disappointed. Any issues I have had have been my own doing and Jreviews support still help. Beautiful new look and feel since their major upgrade. It just keeps on getting better. Keep up the excellent work!

Michel US


Excellent application and service

I am using Jreviews already for years. When I started to use it, it was already good but now it’s even better. The application has so much options that almost everything is possible. And the nice thing is that they keep changing things to improve it, to make it better and better. If you have an issue, then you receive very quick and good support. So in one sentence; Excellent application and support!