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For 50 years, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has been the basement waterproofing and foundation repair experts from New York to Virginia! Let us solve your basement problems too!

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4.5 / 5

Tim US


They did the job as required according…

They did the job as required according to the contact.

David US


I would have given a 5 but installation…

I would have given a 5 but installation had some problems including a backward check valve and a discharge pipe whose longer run to drain was not adequately supported. I would suggest that Mid-Atlantic inspect work done by contractors to make sure it is done properly.

Linda US


Very pleased with the results of my…

Very pleased with the results of my crawlspace waterproofing. I also found the workers to be very pleasant and hardworking and they kept me up to date on the progress every day. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Michael US


We were very satisfied with their work…

We were very satisfied with their work and has been working fine

Shelly US


Good work and good results...as promised

Good work and good results...as promised

Marie US


Finally a DRY basement !!!

Excellent teamwork.. on time and organized. They left clean house. And after 3 weeks we start seeing a difference. Now 3 month after no more smelly basement, no more green mold on chairs and shelves, no more « wet » couch..walls are drying out... UNBELIEVABLE !!! Thank you

William US


Foundation problems and sump pump…

Foundation problems and sump pump replacement done, and basement moisture problems are now resolved..

Mike US


Excellent work at a fair price

Excellent work at a fair price

Scott US


Great work

Very happy with the work done and crew.

Sandra US


the initial crew were on time and…

the initial crew were on time and worked quickly. However they did not explain how long the wait would be before the things they moved could be returned to their proper locations.

customer US


Work was very professional

Work was very professional; however, sales personnel never explained that the “tank wrap” would result in some standing water under my oil tank. If they had explained this, I would have had the oil tank moved so proper repairs could be made.

Bill US


the system has worked

the system has worked - it has been in operation for more than 5 years - no problems. Solved a real problem for us

Mary US


The company is thorough

The company is thorough, does excellent work and is fair in pricing structure; they also have a quality team!

Susan US


Experience was pleasant

Experience was pleasant. Work done quickly and to specifications. Basement is still dry.




From the time your rep. walked into my house he tried to overstate the severity of the water problem. I agreed to pay $9000.00 to resolve the water problem that your people never fixed. They took down 12 inches of paneling in the basement, then jackhammered out along my entire basement wall and the water cascaded into my basement. One of your reps. came out but nothing was done to correct the problem.My neighbor came over and for less than $500 we resolved the problem. If you were a legit. company you would rebate some of my $9000.00. Hope to see my review on your site ED

Donna US


5 stars my basement is Dry Pleased and Thankful

5 stars my basement is DRY, no moisture or condensation or dampness, even with all the rain we have had. So happy we did it when we did. I am still amazed at how hard the men worked. We had minimal cleanup and now to begin the family room.

Claire US


My basement has been bone dry since I…

My basement has been bone dry since I had this done about 6 years ago.

Frank US


A great company.They fulfilled all…

A great company.They fulfilled all expectations & did superior installation work. My basement is DRY, after the summer 2018 rains. Thank you very much! Frank Comfort Eagles Mere, PA 17731

John US


So far

So far, they have been excellent.

Brenda US


I give a recommendation to all my…

I give a recommendation to all my friends that have water problems due to all the rain that we have been getting. So far my bacement has stayed dry and I am so thankful to God thatI had your Co. waterproof it. You really did do a good job. I did not get any water in with all the down pours and continuess ran fall that we have had in our area. Mr Paul Schwanger of Elizabethtown was given your name by me to go to his home and give him an estimate. Hope he called you.

Margaret US


The work was done quickly and the men…

The work was done quickly and the men were neat and professional They used a drop cloth outside and cleaned everything up before they left. I would recommend them to anyone looking for waterproofing.

Naomi US



Yes, I will recommend this company to my family and friends.