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In 2001, a customer named Jen was building her dream home in southern Michigan and wanted a beautiful stairway. She could see what she wanted in her mind, but the stair parts she wanted were not available through normal outlets. She wanted unique iron balusters with custom box newels. Len thought he could meet her needs, and StairSupplies was born. Today, StairSupplies thrives on customizing stairways with iron balusters, the most extensive line of box newels available, a generous selection of handrails and the most beautiful turned newels that you can imagine. While you browse the Stair Supplies website, give your imagination freedom and allow our craftsmen to complete your dream. Our stair specialists focus on building, creating and designing. Our customers understand that they want their home to be a place of beauty and function, and they need help selecting the right mixture of wood species and design to achieve a beautiful stair creation.

Total Score

3.8 / 5

Brian US


Great quality

Great quality, great service. Thanks!

Deborah US


Time saving convenience

I could not find the parts i needed at any of the big hardware stores where i live but Stair Upplies had them and shipped fasr. So much easier!



Dishonest , incompetent !! Stay away !!

I don’t even know where to begin considering the hell this place has put me through. On December 20,2019 I place an order for a dozen treads. They tell me it’ll be shipped by January 27,2020. I’m not an annoying customer and wasn’t calling them constantly and following up leading up to the end of January. I’m a professional and expect the same from people I do business with. On January 20th I call them ONE time in that entire time to ask if everything is going according to schedule and that I’ll be receiving my steps next week. They assure me , everything is going according to plan and I’ll have them. On the 28th of January I call them asking why I don’t have my tracking number emailed to me yet and the status of my order. They give me the run around , and the following morning I get an email stating that my steps are “still in production “ I call up , FURIOUS and demanding answers, I ask the representative ( Brandon ) what the hell does that mean that it’s “in production “ when you told me last week I’d have them by the 27th, I asked , “ when did you start my Order” , Brandon said. “we’re starting today” I absolutely lost it, I was yelling and screaming and couldn’t believe how incompetent and dishonest they were! He had the nerve to tell me “ things happen, sometimes there are delays at the warehouse where the steps are made” To which I replied “ I understand delays , when I called last week, your people said I’d have them on the 27th” they lied ! This was a $3,000 dollar Order !! Keep in mind , I had a local guy build me a metal stringer based on “ stairsupplies “ sample step which I wasted $300.00 on - so now here I am, with a different stringer from another company because stairsupplies stringer wouldn’t work for me because of the clearance of head room. I asked how Brandon would rectify the situation he said he’d speak to his manager and get back to me . The next day this piece of garbage , emails me saying he felt threatened by my tone and would no longer have any communication with me and was going to cancel my order . I apologized for yelling , said I don’t want any credit , just plz put a rush on my steps and send them ASAP , he said NO, that’s it. End of conversation. They basically wasted 6 weeks of my time, and when I kindly asked him to AT LEAST tell me the measurements of the tread I ordered since I built a stringer based on that size , he didn’t even give me the courtesy of responding. DISGUSTING!! Then I had to order treads from another place which took an additional 5 weeks. Basically I wasted 3 months all because I got involved with these liars. Do yourselves a favor - stay away from this company and their other company “ viewrail” which is made at the same factory. They’re a bunch of Time wasting liars !!!

Tim US


Great Products BUT Sales Team Not Very Hungry

The products that they deliver are excellent, but the sales experience was not good. It took me 3 calls and one week of time before I could finally speak to a sales rep. They were always in meetings or at lunch.

Paul US


Shipped as ordered

Shipped as ordered. prompt shipping, very competitive pricing.Great quality.