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While we have not yet decided to use…

While we have not yet decided to use Olshan the process so far has been great. The rep was on time, clearly communicated what they will do and what the cost will be.

Stella US


Very professional and educational

Very professional and educational. ained everything in words I could understand!

Daniel US


An honest assessment

Olshan came out and determined I did not have a foundation problem. A very honest opinion. They did not try to sell me any sort of service. Highly appreciated.

Andrea US


No foundation repairs were needed

No foundation repairs were needed. The technician was extremely honest with us and actually gave us other suggestions to help us with the problem we thought was foundation related, but was not.

Katherine US


Technician helpful

Technician gave thorough explanation of the problem and made suggestions. He also used protection appropriate for the Covid outbreak.

Paul US


Avoid at all costs

* We contacted Olshan to have them fabricate some concrete reinforcements in our crawlspace. We had the precise home plans and specifications of what we needed. * At first, everything was great. They’re great at talking about their vast experience; they make everything sound easy; and they’re competitively priced on their estimates. * We decided to go with Olshan; signed their contract and got on their calendar. If I recall, it was something like 6-8 weeks before they could start the work — I could be off on here, but it was reasonable. * Fast forward to a week (I believe) before the work was supposed to be done, and our GC asked us if Olshan had confirmed that they had pulled the permit and scheduled the necessary city inspection. While we anticipated we would need some sort of inspection, we had no idea what that entailed, nor had Olshan provided any guidance. Turned out that our work was really a two-step process. Olshan would need to come in, prep the ground, and install the “forms” for the reinforcements, then have the city sign off on them before actually doing the work. Again, we had no idea as we’re not foundation or construction experts. * So I called Olshan and asked if they had that under control, at which point they said “We don’t pull permits, that’s your responsibility”. Now first, we talked to several of our other contractors, and they all found that surprising, but that’s perhaps debatable. FACT: Olshan never, ever, never brought this up to us. So, we had to put a delay on the work until we could submit our permit request. This was the first sign we had chosen the wrong partner. * Second was the way they handled this issue. Rather than acknowledge that they had failed to communicate the basic expectation that we would need to handle this step, they blamed us for not knowing this. Again, we’re not experts, nor do we have this type of stuff done regularly. They do it all the time. You be the judge where the culpability lies. * Yada yada yada, we finally got the permit and then re-scheduled with Olshan. We again had to wait several weeks after obtaining the permit to get them on-site. When that day finally came, Olshan came by, and then realized that the city had messed up the permit and they couldn’t start the work. * So, despite the fact that we don’t know how to read permits, and the fact that they could have verified the permit was correct during the several weeks delay before coming on site but didn’t, they blamed us. Their general manager had the audacity to call me and complain about how our job was costing HIM so much money, and how we were making his life so miserable. Extremely unprofessional. * Finally— Finally we got the city to fix the permit and Olshan finally came back out and completed the work successfully— We thought. * Here’s the kicker— I wasn’t going to leave these guys negative reviews at this point, as at least they did the work correctly— But they didn’t! * When we began our work again, we discovered that Olshan had not done a thorough job of reviewing our plans, and had placed the reinforcements based on only one of several measurements available to them in the plans, meaning one of the piers was three inches off in one dimension. Can’t make this stuff up! * We called Olshan, informed them there was a problem, and the original engineer came right out (I was pleasantly surprised and cautiously optimistic they were going to do the right thing) and reviewed the situation. He left and didn’t voice any concerns that the work was in fact wrong. * When I emailed him a couple days later asking him if he had all the information he needed to address the probl

David US


Excellent company!!!

Excellent company!!! Very easy to work with. They call and email you for reminders. Very good and easy experience.