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110% legitimate and a really friendly…

110% legitimate and a really friendly company. So this is my first experience with buymoda and I can’t fault them. During the pandemic all the shipping got screwed up so it took a month + to reach me. But it did. And I am assured things are well on the way to getting back to normal delivery wise now. I am suitably impressed by the service/products they offer and have supplied. Like wow. They work. And work well. During the month of not knowing whether it was going to come or not, with the global pandemic, I had frequent communication with the support team. Who, may I add, remained calm and patient, treated me with respect and were Always polite even when I was in a flap wondering whether I would ever get my stuff. These guys value their customers and treat them with respect. I’m sure if it didn’t arrive they would be happy to rectify the issue. No doubt in my mind. I haven’t found a better site. 12/10 from a happy man. I will undoubtedly be back for more as I know they can be trusted and they stock a pretty big range of products. As I said, haven’t found a better site. And would recommend them as my experience has been a positive one. Thank you buymoda and all that you do for us. Big love Ps. I wish I could reply some how so il add a foot note: I think the proof is in the pudding as they say. I guess this review is a testimony to how much more productive, articulate, wakeful and motivated one becomes after visiting your shop. :) thanks again

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First order placed today 7/9/2020

First order placed today 7/9/2020. I will repost when they are delivered with update. 229

David US


Tracking never updated

Extremely long wait time given the current circumstances. However, the package did arrive and the product is as expected. Please note that my tracking did not update once after the item was posted so customers should be aware of this.

Jimmy US


Mine at least eventually arrived after…

Mine at least eventually arrived after 55 days, understandable given covid but still not the quickest. Though there seems to be a concerning amount of negative reviews (a few suspiciously good ones) but mine arrived fine if slowly and is good product.

Brian US


Great service

Great service

Lisa US


Thank you buymoda

My package came 3 weeks after placing my order which is amazing during a pandemic. Packaged discrete and straight to my front door and quality is amazing these guys are the real deal.

Phil US


Be Patient!

I ordered to the UK 30th April, and it arrived today. This is COMPLETELY WITHIN the 45 day time frame that Mike gave us on the website. Tracking did not update for a few weeks but suddenly changed yesterday. Keep an eye on yours. This is my 3rd order from them and they have been nothing but helpful. Will absolutely order again!