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eheat, Inc. is the trusted online source for the innovative, American Owned and Built, Envi wall-mounted, electric panel heater.

Total Score

4.9 / 5

Annette US


Smart investments start here

These heaters are economic, useful, easy to install and use. I researched for over six months and the Envi turned out to be the winner for cost, heat, and quality. I purchased two. Installed them, and checked out my heating bill. The savings paid for itself in three months. As a result, I ditched the plan to install a $8,000 central heating system. The small home that needed heat has been kept warm with three Envi heaters, and our heating bill has 1/3 the cost of propane. There is a reason these Envi heaters are loved. They work silently, safely, and economically.

Chris US


Purchased 2 units for our summer home…

Purchased 2 units for our summer home that is open May thru October. Put them in bedrooms that are 9x9 and they work great. Just bought another ot put into the kitchen area for those chilly nights early or late in the season.

Larry US


This is the third heater I have…Very pleased.

This is the third heater I have purchased since 2013. I have been very happy with this product since I found them. The two older heaters are still working fine and I have never had any problems with them over the years.

Julie US




Sharon US


Favorite feature is how quiet this…

Favorite feature is how quiet this heater is. Highly recommend it! Told a friend and he purchased one and loves it.

Michael US


We have owned 7 of these heaters and…

We have owned 7 of these heaters and have helped my parents and in-laws purchase and set up 4 more ( 2 each ) through the past several years. All of us have loved the smooth, safe, silent even heat they provide. The first set of three we installed PAID for themselves in the first year of a bitter winter from the great savings they provided for us on our main gas bill! WOW! We were very impressed and happy! eheat continues to provide excellent products and customer service. We highly recommend them, both the product, and the people behind them! Thanks!

Scott US


Great product, superior customer service

I have been exceptionally happy with my Envi heaters. They are efficient, silent, and cheap to operate. I had a small issue with one of them (the on/off switch would not work) and contacted customer service. They were easy to work with and very responsive, resolving my issue quickly. Eheat stands by their product and customers.

Grant US


Service is great

Service is great. Website was difficult

Courtney US


It was super easy to order online what…

It was super easy to order online what I needed.

Nancy US



The units (we bought 2) arrived last week. They seem well made and after the initial burnoff (smell) are doing a fabulous job in the space we needed additional heat. They were easy to install (great instructions and the template was very helpful). We are very impressed! I hope they last a long time too.



Great Product

The heaters do a fine job keeping our bedrooms warm. They were not hard to install.

Patricia US


Love my heaters

Love my heaters! We have three. Easy to install, keeps the room at the thermostat setting too!