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In the beginning, each of these formulas emerged out of a need for someone who had their own unique story and struggles. The intention was purely to support people in their journeys. The products proved to work so well, that intention evolved to bringing this gift to the world. Glori Blends is committed to healing the planet through hemp.

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former anxiety sufferer

I purchased their blend for anxiety and it really helped. They answered my many questions with knowledge, patience and a sensitivity that was very appreciated. Thank you for making such great products!

Rose US


Shortly after I started taking bliss…

Shortly after I started taking bliss what happened to me was a miracle!! I have been diagnosed with ADHD 3 times because I never really wanted to accept it. Mainly because the medications are horrible. Yea, they highly support with the being able to focus part but the side effects are so unbearable, I don’t Know how people stay on them their whole life, god knows I couldn’t! When I was told bliss could support with focus, I immediately Ordered one, but not really thinking it would really work, basing my assumption on past experiences with natural products. When the product arrived, I started it following the instructions. A couple days past and nothing! A few days past and nothing! A week past and BOOM it freakin hit out of nowhere. I wish I could post a picture on here of my face when it hit me. That face is an unforgettable memory!! I was finally able to experience what paying attention to everything normally felt like. I was paying attention to everything like a little kid in school so eager to learn. NO SIDE EFFECTS WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I felt I was different since I was a child and boy did this issue with paying attention get in the way of everything in my life. Well, I finally got the support I need without having to mess up my health and to top it all off an inflammation issue I was having with my feet, that no doctor was able to detect the problem, finally went away!! I was able to stop the embarrassment of asking for 2 pairs of shoes at the shoe store so I can switch the shoes because my feet would never swell up evenly. This product supported me sooo much!!!! Thank you Glori Blends!!

Stephanie US


Excellent products

Excellent products, fast shipping, great company!!!