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Starry Internet is a fixed wireless broadband Internet service provider operated by Starry, Inc.,

Total Score

4.8 / 5

Renee US


Install was a little rough but the…

Install was a little rough but the reliability of the this is amazing. I’m so glad I switched over to Starry. Once were through the Covid restrictions in my building I’ll have them back to move the router.

Barry US


Thank You Starry !

I have only WOW to say about every aspect of Starry. I finally was able to cut the cord due to them. The service is reliable, seamless and never falters I get almost double the speed they promise. But the reliable service is only one part. Their customer service is awesome. Phone support always reliable and the tech who installed my service was the nicest and most professional guy. Who could imagine an install like this being a pleasure. For those thinking the service must be too good to be true instead it is a service that more than delivers what it promises. Go for it!! I am thrilled!

Robert US


I love your service and pricing

I love your service and pricing. My only complaint is during bad weather my service goes out.

Jesse US


Better than Comcast

Easier, cheaper, less downtime than Comcast

Chris US


Not for online gaming

Not for online gaming. I notice a lot of lag which can be frustrating. I’m also frequently switching back to LTE on my phone to use the internet. Good monthly price and unlimited though.

Brad US


Love my Starry!

Super fast, reliable connection at a great price. And with upload speeds as fast as download speeds, video calls and document transfers are a breeze. No more random drop-outs that require a reboot of the modem as was the case with cable internet, and no more annoying calls asking to add TV and home phone. It’s internet service built for today!

Sarah US


We love Starry!

LOVE Starry! Fast, RELIABLE, great pricing, GREAT customer service. We’ve got nothing but good things to say about Starry. After years of unhappiness with other providers, internet going out every other day, Starry is a breath of fresh air. We’ve had it for about six months, and ONE time, we had a service disruption. One! And it was less than 30 seconds. I only noticed because I was watching Netflix. We love Starry, and encourage everyone we know to switch!

customer US


It was REALLY funny when your support…

It was REALLY funny when your support lady helped me to find out the cause of my Internet service disruption guiding me through a series of checks of lights here and there, the result: MY CAT KILLED THE INTERNET! He was new in the house, and went under the TV furniture, where a power strip with a switch is located, and triggered the switch! We had both a good laugh out of it!

James US



Excellent Fast, affordable

Katya US


Great experience

Great experience! Fast and convenient installation. Good speed. Easy payment. I am very happy with the company service.

Andrew US



Our internet has been fast, lag-free, and rock-solid. Starry is also more affordable and transparent than other options. Thanks for being so easy to work with.