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Build your dream gaming PC with iBUYPOWER. High performance computers at a low price. Click to customize by processor, graphics card, and more!

Total Score

4.7 / 5

John US



Fast and easy with a broad selection of great PCs... highly recommend

Ray US


The person I talk to help me build my…

The person I talk to help me build my pc for the best experience on gaming and help me fit it into my budget

Zach US


Great pc

My first pc and very pleased....would recommend



Computer looks great

Computer looks great. Packaging was done very well. Would recommend to a friend.

Tanner US


Website is very easy to navigate

Website is very easy to navigate. Easy to pick the right PC for me even with no prior knowledge.

Andrew US



Best computer I had so far

Mike US


worth your money

had a minor issue with window key saying config has been change so not valid was a easy one button fix, beyond that it came fast, well packed and very easy to set up. am very happy and would tell others to use them for pre built pcs

Jacob US


They did a very good job

They did a very good job. Skeptical at first but they prevailed! Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting a PC.

Shawn US


Golf Sim computer

Loved the ready to ship options but also able to see the various options in the customization section. A good learning experience. Seems like a great value compared to every one else. Getting a sweet graphics card at a very competitive price.

Paul US


Case fan lasted a week

Case fan lasted a week

Mark US


Incredibly bad drivers for this video…

Incredibly bad drivers for this video card... STILL ongoing... I can’t recommend this system. It has great potential. Ibuypower did a great job of assembly and presentation of this system and had nothing to do with this major issue. When it does go it has some outstanding performance. Too many issues

Joseph US


Great purchase

Excellent and quick service! Easy to get going.

Rusty US


Everything was great

I ordered my pc on memorial day weekend it was a prebuilt. It was shipped and on my door step on thursday. Everything was as i thought it was going to be a more after finally deciding to upgrade my pc im glad that i did and chose this company very professional and all around great. The prices are very good as well. Thanks to Ibuypower and all the team members for making this experience great!

customer US


I just received my computer today

I just received my computer today. It runs like a champion. I was just missing the antenna but it is a minor issue that I can look beyond that part. I am sure I will be sent a new antenna. Now I can play my World of Warcraft at max setting without any lag. Very satisfied computer. This company now has a new loyal customer. The best investment I have made in a while. Thank you!

David US


so far so good great response time cant…

so far so good great response time cant wait to get it

Adam US


Took couple extra days to get the pc

Took couple extra days to get the pc. But was expected the day i order it. Really impressed with the build. No problems so far. Will update if there is. Great pc at a great price. Thank you!! 1st time buyer from your company.

Don US


Nice Starter Budget Gaming PC

Buying experience was good. Still waiting on PC to arrive to give a full review. Update: PC arrived yesterday. Packaged good. Very easy to set up. I bought this for my godson for his 18th birthday and his graduation this year. We installed some games and everything was great. Nice budget starter gaming PC that gives your plenty of BANG for your buck. Build was very clean and has nice eye candy as well! Thanks IBUYPOWER for a great experience! My Godson is very happy!

Jeff US


Could be better

The options for building and buying your own PC are great. I cannot overstate how many options there are, and how fun it is to play around with the PC builder. However, I experienced a problem with my payment, (which was admittedly my fault) and I was unable to contact customer service for 3 days. I sent 2 emails and called countless times, never to receive an email back, and only to get the answering machine every time I called. In short, the website is excellent, but customer service is practically nonexistent.

Michael US


You’re site was very easy to navigate…

You’re site was very easy to navigate and smooth process. Also I really liked how quick the shipping time is. If I could give you guys a 10/10 rating I definitely would.

Ian US


Easy and simple

Easy and simple

Amanda US


Quick 2 day delivery that I awaited…

Quick 2 day delivery that I awaited anxiously for! Super easy to set the computer up. First time I turned it on I noticed it was super loud and thought that was unusual. Popped open the side and checked the top back where it came from. Noticed some wires had shifted during transport and the fan was hitting them. Repositioned them. Took less than a minute to do everything. Turned it back on and it’s soooo quiet!!! Runs extremely smooth and has everything I could ask for.

Connor US



Quick shipping. Computer runs flawless. Great work

Stacy US


Great Experience so far

The purchasing process was very easy, and it shipped the next day.

Devon US


Ordered a pretty beefy PC came…

Ordered a pretty beefy PC came overnight which was true to their word, got it and have been loving it assembled really nicely and alot better performance then my older PC

Eric US


I went through so many different set ups...

I went through so many different system setups over the last couple days trying to figure what I wanted. So easy to use and make the changes. Once I need another pc I will definitely go through this site again!

James US


Just placed my order so far I have a…

Just placed my order so far I have a very positive feeling about the experience.

Steven US


We bought two computers this week over…

We bought two computers this week over night was awesome and ready to go out of the box!!! This is our third iBUYPOWER computer and they are all great. Good job!!!