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Since 2005, Silencer Central makes it simple to own a silencer. We do all the work for you. It really is as easy as 1-2-3! Select your silencer, we manage the paperwork, and ship directly to your front door once approved. Our experts will help find the right silencer for you.

Total Score

4.9 / 5

Jesse US


i have 4 suppressors now and got them…

i have 4 suppressors now and got them all with ease. great people to work with

mps US


Made the process easy

Made the process easy. highly recommended!



They make it super easy

They make it super easy, received 2 suppressors that I ordered last summer, and just ordered 2 more!

Jacob US


Simply the best!

The staff at Silencer Central are top notch both in knowledge and service. When I’ve had a question they were quick to respond.I have made multiple purchases through them. Every single time it has gone smoothly. I would highly recommend them. If you are in the market for a suppressor.

customer US



Quick, easy and great people to work with, would recommend to anyone!!

Chris US


Great products

Great products, price, and service!!

William US


Great experience..they walked me…

Great experience..they walked me through everything explaining it all in simple detail so I understood it all. Great company and also good YouTube videos to help out.

Robert US


I purchased the Banish 22 and it…

I purchased the Banish 22 and it functions perfect. It took a long time to get it and they forgot to send my suppressor cover for my other suppressor. The company did not send my T-shirt for a survey I took last year and not sure if I should have got another one for the new suppressor.

Paul US


Helpful staff made sure I had all of…

Helpful staff made sure I had all of the accessories I would need. Thank you!!

Tom US


The company and representatives were…

The company and representatives were easy to work with. It was very nice to have the suppressor set right to my door. Excellent delivery time after the paperwork was back

Steve US


Banish 30 so amazing.

I have three suppressors, my favorite is by far the Banish 30 from Silencer central. I bought the extra end caps for 223 and 6.5 creedmore. When i use it on my CZ455 22lr it is so quite all you hear is the hammer. the all titanium construction is great. i put all the baffles in my pin tumbler for 30 - 45 mins and they come put like factory new. None of my other suppressors can do that and the clean up and my Silencershop Sparrow is a major pain.. My CGS Kraken is great except the baffles are coated for easy of cleaning, which is not the case. it is so hard to clean. Do your self a favor and but your silencers from Silencer Central. They made the whole process easy from the gun trust to barrel threading everyone was so helpful. When at the range the guys in the group all ways grab the Banish 30. I love seeing it on my 223 Ar then On my AR10 in 308 then the 6.5 creedmore Ruger Precision and even the 22 lr riles. I can go on and on. BUY YOUR SILENCERS FROM SILENCER CENTRAL.

Jim US


Limited info provided with the silencer…

Limited info provided with the silencer as how to attach to gun and etc. Once I found website there are several informative videos on assembly, cleaning and etc.

Keith US


Very good communication

Very good communication

Eric US


Hands down best company to go thru

Hands down best company to go thru. They handle the paper work for trust and keep you updated all the way through the process and wait. Being able to use monthly payments are awesome too.

Michael US


Have multiple suppressors with them

Have multiple suppressors with them, awesome company and awesome customer service.

Brian US


Very easy to work with

Very easy to work with. You buy your suppressor, do a little paperwork, and they do the rest. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the federal approval.

Phil US


Silencer Central made my experience…Easy

Silencer Central made my experience fast and easy to get my silencer. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase one.

David US


I was very pleased working with…

I was very pleased working with Silencer Central. The company kept me up to date from time to time on the process of my ATF approval.

John US


Grey service

Grey service! Kept me in the loop during the whole process. Very happy with the whole thing