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4.1 / 5



Its been almost 2 months

Its been almost 2 months, no response to Multiple emails or calls. No status updates on my order. Nothing. I have the feeling if I had ordered from someone else I would have it by now, or at least a response. I may need to report to the BBB if I dont hear back soon.

Paul US



It was just as good or better than any I ever had. Amazing how real it feels.

customer US


my shipment did not clear customs…

Customer service was great and assisted when My shipment did not clear US customs. They canceled the order refunded me for payment within an hour of the request. Awesome customer service

Robert US


This was perfect from beginning to end

This was perfect from beginning to end. They were super friendly and helpful. They even threw in extras! The doll is absolutely perfect.

Jimmy US


Smooth transaction, fast turnaround time. Arrival TIme..

Hi, Well to start, I placed an order on Thursday, received a message that it will about 2-3 weeks before she arrives, 4 days later I received a new message that she has been shipped, fast and very good, not have to wait, regardless, sooner than expected. Basically, scheduled delivery is 7 days after the purchase. Amazing. My recommendations if you are looking for a smooth and fast transaction give true Touch Dolls a look, price wise is very decent, and will make another review when she arrives. She arrived,.....First the package was extremely well packed, no rips or any sorts from shipping. Opened the package and the doll was very well protected, a very soft blanket was wrapped around her. After carefully disrobing her from the protective material, she was amazing, very well built to a real woman, anatomically on spot. The skin felt extremely smooth, the breasts were solid, but still moved naturally, firm. The buttocks, perfect candy apple shape. The legs, long and very erotic, being that I am a leg man, hers are perfect, the thighs are well defined to the hips. The pictures on the site are good, but in real time much much better, I highly recommend this doll Miranda, for those that have a thing for long legs, 20 inch waist and firm breasts, oh and the weight, not to heavy, for as the waist is small which makes it a lot easier to wrap your arms around when you need to move her. The fnigers and toes, perfect to move and adjust.

John US


Good quality

Good quality, but expensive. Not sure i got much extra for the last 700.00 i paid skeleton stiff.

Steve US


Realistic and pretty and heavy

Realistic and pretty . Soft and very life like , but very heavy and stiff joints

Raymond US


The doll was more lovely that the pictures...

Having bought many dolls on eBay and only once did I get the right doll first. I was surprised when my doll came home to me as it was more lovely that the pictures in the add. Every thing was just as advertise and I am very happy with her.