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The Piggyback Rider® is the last toddler carrier you will ever need. Our unique standing design is ideal parents to carry toddlers at theme parks, zoos, hiking and more. Order today & choose your free accessory! Ready, Set, Ride the Bar!

Total Score

4.4 / 5

customer US


I love it sooo much!

I love it sooo much!

Alicia US


Love my piggyback rider for carrying my…

Love my piggyback rider for carrying my 3-year old when she gets wire it on long walks or hikes! Easy and light to carry with in, making it an must have for my family!

Crystal US


Great customer service product exactly…

Great customer service product exactly what I ordered postage very fast

Mike US


Excellent service

Excellent service, very efficient and kind. Five star without a doubt for me. Thanks again!

Peter US


Helpful staff returned my message

Helpful staff returned my message. I had some trouble finding the accessory I was looking for, and the product search could be improved, but the transaction was good.

Ronda US


Amazing product- but some comfort issues- great for disney!

Amazing product- we used it for our 5 year old/ 45lb child at DISNEY! If you stay at Disney for 5 Days+ the cost of the Piggy Back Rider is equivalent to daily stroller rental fees- and you can use it again and again! Worked wonders trying to get through the crowds- with a stroller it wouldve been such a tedious task not having people trip over your child and maneuvre around groups of people. With the Piggy back rider, she got to see far in advance, often enjoying spotting things before we did. We did a run through at home and got all the straps adjusted the way my husband and daughter felt comfortable. There are three reasons I had to take a star off for the review: 1. Although we purchased the extra waist belt to help sturdy the foot bar and take some weight off my husbands shoulders, at times he did feel it a bit uncomfortable and cut into his shoulders. So even though it says its for up to 50-60lbs. Id say 45 definitely the limit for a normal adults comfort. 2. The footbar for my daughter to stand on was fairly narrow (fit the arch of her foot) and she at times mentioned it hurt her feet. Having it a bit wider wouldve made it more comfortable for her. 3. We purchased hiking back packs (ie. larger) to carry items needed daily at the Parks, and although it was a bit arduous taking the P.B. Rider in and out to get through security inspection, the bar was still too long to fit into the back pack and zip it shut. So whoever had the piggy back rider in the back pack (where we kept it until it was needed) had to have essentially an open bag the entire time. Could consider to add a hinge to the bar and make it foldable with some sort of locking mechanism, a protective sliding sleeve perhaps? It is an amazing product- and even though there were some minimal comfort issues it was so helpful is such a crowded place as Disney. Had many people stop and ask us what it was and how it worked!

Rachel US


We love our Piggyback Rider

We love our Piggyback Rider! It goes with us on hikes or around the city. My toddler loves riding on it and gets a birds I view. She can hop off and on easily when we are roaming around.

Kimberly US


This has worked great for our 2.5-3yo

This has worked great for our 2.5-3yo. Have used it for short hikes and short sight seeing outings on vacation. Looking forward to trying on a longer hike to see how it holds up. Our toddler gets tired of holding her feet in one position for extended period but I think she’ll learn how to wiggle while in it without worry of falling. The hip belt is strong and great for short trips but not sure how well will hold up for extensive hikes. Love the product. Super easy to pack on vacation. Easy on and off, our daughter easily helps with clicking in. I’m happy with the product.

Nick US


The concept and product are good

The concept and product are good. It is way over priced for what you get.