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Remember the iconic toys Lego and Meccano? Well, this is bigger than that. Infento invented a modular kit that lets families build life-size rides together.

Total Score

4.5 / 5

Daniel US


awesome product!

Love it - and so does my son!



Very good state of art

Was about to cancel the order because of the delivery time was very long, after talking with someone from customer service she gave me confidence enough to buy it, at the end it took only 4 days to arrive at my home against 4weeks staying in the webpage. The packaging and settlement is incredible, very good appearance...

Elizabeth US


Love it!

Since receiving our Infento six weeks ago, we have already built three rides for our 4-year-old. Even our older boys (9 and 13) love it and take turns riding as well. At the moment he is really too young to actively participate in building them (for longer than 20 minutes or so), but that will change as he gets older. The quality is excellent, and the concept is fun. Highly recommend!

Erika US


Perfect service!

Nothing was bad!

David US


Kit is amazing!

Super quick delivery. The kit is amazing, well made, solid parts and a lot of fun putting together with my son.

vincent US


Incredibly long and complicated to…

Incredibly long and complicated to assemble a medium level ride. Instructions said around 3 hours to put together. I would say it took me about 4.5. I would not purchase this product again. I regret it. There is no way a child of any age could “help” out this together unless you wanted to turn this into a 10 hour project. I have zero desire to disassemble it and make another toy.

Tom US


Great product

Great product it would be perfect if printed manuals where included.

Charles US


My 5 year old son and I built the…

My 5 year old son and I built the Cyclone from the Explorer Kit for his birthday. We had a blast building it and he loves riding it. Instructions are thorough, easy to follow and assembly went flawlessly (aside from taking a few more hours than I expected). This was a great purchase and I highly recommend!

Ian US


Only surprise was how heavy the final…

Only surprise was how heavy the final vehicle was! Otherwise great...

Thomas US


Great possibilities to build different…

Great possibilities to build different vehicles and spend quality time with kids.

Rob US


Quality build, fun, work together and great end result

Great to build, but it takes time and some indicator markers do not match (inch indicator) when you have the total package. But it works. Also some troubles with assembling the brake. So adult help is a must. the end product is very cool indeed. Works like you hope it will!

Chris US


Infento 5 stars

Infento is an amazing kit that all children and adults will love! The quality is exceptional and makes it good value for money. We have built three ride ons now so far. Each one completely different. We will definitely be adding to our kit and have already highly recommended Infento to friends and family! Delivery was extremely impressive especially at this time! Thank you Infento

Christine US


Simply GREAT !

Simply GREAT ! Easy instruction manual, good quality, great product, so nice to assemble. I wonder if i bought it for me, or for my son :-D

Brian US


Very impressed with the kit

Very impressed with the kit. First build “Turtle” took a little time as you figured out all the pieces. About half way through you have figured it out and becomes easy. Directions are very detailed. Looking forward to years of builds with my son.

Nico US


Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality. Great Idea, real fun!