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Time4Learning is an online, interactive curriculum for students in PreK-12th for homeschool, afterschool, and skill building. Our award-winning, comprehensive curriculum, outstanding customer support, and incredibly handy homeschool tools help you and your family focus on the learning aspect of homeschooling rather than its administration.

Total Score

4.8 / 5

Kim US


Time4Learning has been a lifesaver for…

Time4Learning has been a lifesaver for my homeschooling family since I had a baby. My sons are able to get a great quality education that is very engaging, and they can do so independently.

Tiffany US


My children love the platform!

My children love the platform!

Martha US


This program is great for my daughter…

This program is great for my daughter to use.

Wendy US



Super impressed with the content and quality of the classes. This has also been a great alternative to Zoom summer school classes during the COVID crisis. I love that parents have so much transparency into how their kids are progressing through the lessons. The price is certainly right for the value you get.

Melissa US


I signed up with time4learning to…

I signed up with time4learning to assist with homeschooling when schools closed down. It made the task of homeschooling so much easier with a clear and detailed curriculum. I really liked that my children could navigate between three grade levels so they could move ahead on the subject they were comfortable in and review the subject where they have weaknesses.

Heidi US


Easy to navigate and the lessons are…

Easy to navigate and the lessons are interactive and never boring

Carla US


Great program

Great program! My 6th grader is learning so much and enjoys the program.

Rebekah US


We love this

This was recommended to us by a former parent. I’m very pleased that I chose this curriculum. We have been using this now for a little over a month, and my daughter loves it. It’s easy to navigate and setup.

Katie US


Great program to supplement our…

Great program to supplement our homeschooling curriculum. They kids love it.

Brittany US


Kid tested...Mother Approved!

My kids absolutely love school and learning on Time4learning! And I love it because they do!



Its fun !

Its fun ! And my son love it! Everyday he learned something. And he discussed it with me.



We love the math and language arts

We love the math and language arts! The videos are engaging and it is small bits of information so my son is able to retain it. We do not like the science or social studies. Science feels more like writing and not very much teaching. Also, social studies lessons are boring and too long for a 9 yr old. We hope those subjects can be improved!

Jacqueline US


Very good and supportive

Very good and supportive. Thanks

Monica US


I love the curriculum/lessons and so…

I love the curriculum/lessons and so does my son!



Great online affordable curriculum

My 12 year old started this in the middle of 7th grade. He really likes the program and is learning at his own pace. His only request is the ability to test out of things. We are looking forward to next year. Ps. When I lost my job to covid-19 this company was great, they wanted to work with me.

Pam US


As a parent I love Time4Learning

As a parent I love Time4Learning. Makes it so easy to create lesson plans. As a student my son loves it too. He can see what needs to be done for the entire week and the videos are so informative. He’s entering 9th grade and has been homeschooled since day 1. This is by far the best curriculum we have used! Keep up the good work!

Cynthia US


Fun educational school plan that…

Fun educational school plan that provides most needs. Adorable and great plan program.

Tricia US


More explanation is needed to teach…

More explanation is needed to teach lessons. Maybe a lead video to explain concepts. Also, my daughter is pretty slow and doesnt finish her lessons for the week. I would like to be able to move those lessons onto the next week somehow. But instead, we keep going back to the previous week. More flexibility in the schedule plan.

Sarah US


The curriculum is a lot harder than…

The curriculum is a lot harder than what my daughter is being taught here, and I love that she is challenging herself to meet this new experience for her.

Emily US


Time4learning saved my son 😂

My son and I have been homeschooling for a few months. Before time4learning, everyday was a fight and an argument to get him to do his work. The sighs and the eyerolls were going to push me to smoking. 💣Time4learning came into my line of sight and I decided “it can’t be any worse so why not try.”🙏🏻 IM TELLING YALL TIME4LEARNING SAVED MY SON FROM BEING FOREVER GROUNDED. He loves the lessons, I love the planning and reports. 📈If you need me, I’ll be floating in the kiddie pool out back with a drink and enjoying our days at home now. 🧉👙

Brenda US


This site is an EXCELLENT resource for…

This site is an EXCELLENT resource for young students during this time at home and away from formal education.

Michael US


Time4Learning provides structured…

Time4Learning provides structured support during this time of at-home learning.

Laura US


Great resource

Great resource

Rachel US


So far my daughter loves it.

So far my daughter loves it.

customer US


This program is amazing

This program is amazing. I had not found anything that would hold my daughters attention until Time4Learning!!!!!

William US


A parent of 2 living in Shanghai and loving Time4Learning

I tried PowerHomeschool and Time4Learning and I must say, I really enjoy Time4Learning better. I love that Time4Learning let’s you see exactly what your children are learning, and at the paced you believe works best for them. From the planning portion to the assigning of each assignment of the week, it’s very easy to follow. The only thing I wish Time4Learning would have is an app. In this day in age where there are many educational apps, I feel Time4Learning should have a dedicated app. It’s not a deal breaker, but I know many parents will definitely prefer that component. Other than that, both my children really enjoy Time4Learning. I have a 8 year old and a 10 year old. We are currently living in Shanghai, China and we feel their education has gotten a lot better since we have started. I highly recommend it.

Angela US


I enjoy the learning for my children

I enjoy the learning for my children. I do wish there was more of a writing program included into the curriculum.

John US


Curriculum changes

Planning the work has limitations such as it’s too much work per week. Also it’s difficult to align chapters within a week. For example, in social studies the Nubian kingdom was too much information to put in one week so information is forgotten over the weekend. Also some chapters end with tutorials then quiz on the next week. Don’t misunderstand me the content, the age appropriate tutorials are great. The layout is not practical. Too much schoolwork per week. You need to take a practical look at it and see it from a child’s point of view. Lastly, the cartoon graphics are cute but you use the same characters over and over, even I got bored. Introduce new characters as experts of the new subject matter. As it is, I see my son not being as excited to learn. Please make these changes and not do anything about it. Young ones learn more when they don’t realize that they are learning because it’s fun.

Amanda US


5 star Homeschooling!

Time4learning is so great , me and my son got the hang of homeschooling so fast ,my son is in kinder and the lessons are so fun for him and great content to really help ur child understand !

Jennifer US


This program has been wonderful for my…

This program has been wonderful for my 2nd and 3rd grader. I love how easy it is for the kids to get started and to adjust it for each kids needs. I am not a homeschool mom but have used the program to help support and supplement my children’s learning during COVID-19. However if I was ever to consider homeschooling this would be my first choice.

Lori US


My son is learning a lot and is above…

My son is learning a lot and is above his grade level . He loves to do t4l all the time




This program is fantastic! It’s extremely easy to use and navigate. The lessons are fun and engaging. We have been using this program since the closing of our school due to COVID-19. The curriculum is on par with our elementary school. I am so grateful to have found this resource!

Kimberly US


The content is comprehensive

The content is comprehensive. I feel she is getting all the information she would get in a traditional kindergarten class.