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At Helbing Law Group, we provide comprehensive legal services to clients in all types of legal situations. No matter how serious you might think your legal situation is it is best to be well prepared.

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Frank US


My wife and I hired Helbing Law Group…

My wife and I hired Helbing Law Group in January 2018 when my work hours were cut and we fell behind on our bills. We had no idea what to do but the great team showed us that there was a light at end on this long tunnel. For the first time since we have put our trust in them we are able to take a vacation and I was finally able to replace my 1995 pick up truck with an updated car. We can not thank you enough.

Tina US


Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you thank you thank you! Amazing, easy, simplified my life so much. I was unsure at first but gave in, and trusted completely. If you are in credit card debt and want out this is company is legit. I was only able to manage minimum payments to 5 maxed unused cards for years. The settlement amount offered by Helbing was the same as my monthly minimum I had been paying (that got me nowhere). Happy to give them my money instead. Every single piece of correspondence from cc companies, or collection agencies, (calls, emails or mail) went from me straight away to Helbing into my account. No need for me to think about it at all. No stress. They took care of absolutely everything, offered monthly check-in calls with me, and settled those debts one by one, sending congrats letters when they did. I am so happy to be out of this debt! I would recommend this to any friend or family member or even a stranger on the street! Much gratitude to Helbing.

Lynn US


Been very helpful.

Been very helpful.

George US


Helbing Law Group has been a great…

Helbing Law Group has been a great experience, and has put my mind at ease. Everyone I have talked to has been extremely professional, and very helpful in many ways. Jasmine is a prime example. She helped me out with all of my questions, and requests. Thank you!



Top Customer Service!

I spoke to Alex with a number of various questions. She was absolutely great! Thorough in researching each query to give me a comprehensive and accurate answer, articulate, friendly and funny. I am so happy with our conversation. Thanks, Alex! You’ve helped so much! Stay safe and well!

Ronda US


So blessed to have this Law Group on my…

So blessed to have this Law Group on my side!!!!!! They are awesome and by far the best group of Lawyers and staff you could pray for to go to bat for you..... they have been a great blessing to me and I know they will be for ANYONE WHO NEEDS THEM AS WELL You can’t go wrong with Helbing Law Group If I could give 10 stars I would Thank you Helbing Law Group for all your hard work and professionalism